7 Little Known Reasons Why You Should be Running in the Rain
September 27, 2009  |  Marathon Training, Mental Training

Running in the rain isn’t the most popular time runners want to get out on the road. Most runners prefer running on a warm, beautiful, sunny day rather than a dark depressing one, me included. But, my mindset towards running in this weather changed after I said “You know, screw it! I’m gonna go for the run anyways!”

A Misty Runphoto credit: rajeshkunnath

Let me back up a bit. Here in Toronto, there is a Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon going on. Walking around downtown and around the venue, I saw herds of runners nervous, excited and exhilarated for the marathon. For some marathoners, running in the rain can be intimidating because they might have not done it before.

It really is challenging IF (and this is a big if) you make it challenging. There are a lot of excuses we feed ourselves and confuse the mind to make it absolutely ok for you not to run. So instead of continuing to feeding your mind crap, I want to transform your perspective of running in the rain and why this will actually help your running.

Here are 7 reasons you should run in the rain:

  1. You train yourself in challenging situations that allow you to overcome challenging periods of your marathon.
  2. You will be physically more comfortable in different weather conditions as well as more layers (this is true for the  freezing, cold marathons early in the morning that transform into a beautiful day halfway through your race.
  3. The relaxing shower after really feels like no other. At the end of the shower, you feel renewed.
  4. It will clean your shoes so you don’t have to :)
  5. There is no one else running – while everyone else is feeding themselves a buffet of excuses, you are “trimming down” and training to run your next PR!
  6. You will become tougher physically and mentally – EXCUSES BE GONE!
  7. If you get cold, there’s only one thing you can do to make yourself warmer: keep running!

There are literally hundreds of reasons why you should and will run in the rain and for every runner, there is a unique answer. Find the reason why you like running. Maybe it’s the beautiful sounds of the water or the feeling of tranquility when you run in a fall trail path.

Whatever it is, use your reason to get the most out of it as a motivator to get you out running in the rain.

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    8. Rain makes puddles that are fun to splash with my bare feet!

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    lol, yep! That always keep me entertained ;)