Am I Too Old to Run a Marathon?
August 18, 2009  |  Beginner Training

 Strong beyond his years

photo credit: terriseesthings

If you think you’re too old to run a marathon, think again! There are many people out there, just like you, who dream of running a marathon and do it. On the other side of the spectrum, there are people who get past the 50 years milestone and it all goes downhill: more aches, more pains, sickness, etc. Why does this happen? Is it really caused by your age or is it your mindset towards your life?

There are thousands of people that decide to take the leap and run a marathon each and every year. Many of those thousands are people over the age of 50. You still may not be convinced. I want to illustrate the power of the mindset towards running by sharing a story with you of a woman who accomplished just what we’re talking about today: she ran a marathon…at age 65!

I came across a story of a woman, Cammy Wesson-Cohen, who dreamed of running a marathon after she saw one of her friends running the Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon and decided that she was going to do it. She was always fit and active but as life progressed, she got caught up in things to do and just pushed her health to the “to-do list” (does that ring a bell?)

Cammy’s Story

I want you to read this story, understand Cammy’s mindset and how she fulfilled her dream.

Cammy shared one of her mindsets in terms of time training for the marathon:

“I just knew it was going to take me longer and I wasn’t going to compete with the fast guys.”

When you will run your first marathon, keep one thing in mind: just finish. Don’t get caught up in the pace, and the speed that everyone else is measuring up with. Run your own marathon without caring of what speeds other runners are running at.

I hope you enjoy the story and take to heart what is your are capable of.

PS: Talking to your physician regularly is a necessity but what is your biggest concern with running your next marathon? Is it injury? Is it failing to complete the marathon? What is stopping you from running your next marathon?

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